Report Descriptions

There are many reports in the Geoforce application that will help you to get the data you need for your day to day business. Below are a list of our current reports and what type of devices they will show data from.

If you have a question as to what report would be best for your business, please reach out to our helpdesk for recommendations!


Name of Report

Description (What's in this report?)

Report works with Cellular or Satellite or Both?

Account Counts

List of Tag types and number of assigned or unassigned tag types. List of Asset types, tagged and untagged.


Account Exception Report

List of unassigned tags, and list of tags and assets not see in 30 days, and a list of users that haven't logged in in a while.


Asset Activity

List of assets by group, and when they entered and exited a particular location. Can be run for the day, week or month before, or a custom date range and can be run for a specific group or location type.


Asset Location

List of assets by group, their last known location and a count by days of how long they've been there. Also shows flag status. Can be run for specific group and/or location type.


Asset Location Based Utilization

List of assets by group showing percentage of time asset was in home yard vs outside of home yard ("time away").


Asset Movement

List of assets by group that have moved a specific distance threshold (200ft to 1000 miles), includes where they started and where they stopped the movement.


Asset Notes

Notes made on asset by asset. Includes creation of asset (with date), completed maintenance tasks. The notes are current - it's whatever is on the asset right now.


Asset Rules

Tabbed report - first tab, rules that are applied to group by group. Second tab, rules that are applied to individual assets by asset. Third tab, assets without rules applied.


Days on Location by Asset

By asset, lists location, first date entered and exited with total days on that site, and the last seen date for that asset.


Days on Site

List of assets by group, how many days they were on a particular location.




First Start Last Stop

Assets by group showing the first ignition (engine start) for the day, where that was, and the last stop, and where that was. List also of total hours vehicle was in use for that day


Location Activity

Enter/exit report by location, listing all assets seen on that site and the date they were seen.


Location Enter/Exit Counts

Enter exit count by location, listed by group.


Location Inventory

Lists assets at each named location, and the date they were last seen.


Miles and Odometer by State

Miles traveled by group of assets by asset per day. Also includes starting and ending ODO (GPS Odometer).


Outstanding Maintenance Tasks

List of assets and their maintenance tasks with last seen location. Can be narrowed down by group or by flag status.


Readiness Report

Last seen location and time for all assets, includes battery level and days since last seen.


Speeding Events

Shows speeding events for cellular assets.



By group, by asset shows by day telemetry data with a total at the end of the week.


Telemetry Snapshot

Snapshot of telemetry from the day before or a custom date - report is dependent on what you want to look at, odometer, voltage, GPS accuracy, idle time, and in motion time.


Top Speeders Report

Report by asset when the vehicle exceeds a set amount per hour. Can be changed per report.


User Activity

Shows user logins.


Vehicle Enter/Exit Activity Report

By Group, by asset shows when a vehicle entered or exited a location, and how long they were there.



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