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Geoforce’s GT0 proves great things come in small packages. Satellite-based GPS equipment tracking has been around for years, but for many equipment types, previous hardware options were too big or expensive. The GT0 is an industry first: a palm-sized, fully sealed, global asset tag.

The GT1’s rugged metal bezel and hermetically-sealed construction provides durable protection from extreme temperatures, forces and chemicals. The GT1 is not only the world’s most rugged device, but also its safest, as it has achieved the highest IECEx/ATEX Zone 0 rating.

The AT1 Cellular Asset Tracker is a revolutionary and flexible hybrid tracking device that enables the Geoforce Track and Trace software platform to display your asset’s location, whether it is outside or inside. The AT1 determines location utilizing GPS data when outdoors and Wi-Fi when indoors. 

Introducing the AT2 tracking device with location reporting. This is Geoforce’s enhanced solar-powered successor to the SmartOne asset tracker. Operating on one of the world’s leading satellite networks, this AT2 configuration provides remote location monitoring on Geoforce’s Track and Trace field asset management platform.

The AT4 enables equipment managers to view engine run time and location for powered portable equipment. By providing high data granularity and high reporting frequency when powered, while scaling back reporting frequency for non-powered situations, the AT4 allows companies to more effectively manage their portable equipment fleet, no matter how remote the location.

The AT5 Satellite Asset Tracker provides intelligent location reporting and engine runtime data for timely management of a wide range of mobile assets, especially portable powered equipment and other heavy equipment. Operating on one of the world’s leading satellite networks, the AT5 gathers and transmits asset status information to an online application that regularly provides visibility and insights into your assets’ location and operating status.


The VT1 is a real-time location reporting module installed in mobile jobsite assets such as light commercial trucks. By recording speed, mileage, run time and other operational characteristics that customers can view online with the Geoforce Track and Trace application, the VT1 allows companies to optimize their fleet operations while bolstering the safety of their most important resource – their people.

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