Asset Maintenance Reminder

Geoforce offers the ability to add reminders for maintenance. Example Maintenance tasks would include oil changes and belt inspections.

The Geoforce system can send these reminders based on the passage of time, miles travelled (as seen by the GPS device), or, engine runtime hours (for devices which support engine runtime.) Example Vehicle Maintenance tasks might include:

To create a maintenance task for an asset:

1. Select the specific asset you wish to add a maintenance task to.

2. Click the “Maintenance Tasks” tab

3. Click the “+ Schedule Tasks” link.

4. Add a description: Example descriptions may be “Oil Change”, “Inspect Brakes” or so forth.
5. Choose whether you want this reminder to be calendar, engine-runtime or gps miles based.
6. If you click “Warns with a yellow flag”, the asset will be “flagged” yellow once the maintenance task is due.
7. If you check “Requires to save a file attachment”, then, when an individual attempts to “complete” the maintenance task, Geoforce will require that individual to upload a file with their particular completion. This is useful to enforce the upload of inspection certificates, or receipts.
8. Click the “Schedule Task” button to save this scheduled Task.

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