Enable Asset Sharing

To share Assets between two Accounts, you must first enable Asset Sharing between those Accounts.  Note that Asset Sharing is one way — one Account will be the “sharer” and the other will be the “sharee” as it were.  If you wish to share Assets in both directions you will need to enable Asset Sharing in both directions.

To enable Asset Sharing contact Geoforce Support at and provide the following details:

  1. Use the subject: “Request for Sharing Relationship”
  2. Include your name, and the name of your Account.
  3. Include the name of the Account you wish to share to.
  4. If there are any individuals who you know will be a member of the “shared to” account let us know names and email addresses.
  5. Let us know one First/last name and email address who would be the “Account Administrator” for this new “share to” account.
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