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If you have customers that you rent or loan your assets to, Geoforce can set up "Share-to" Accounts for them. Once set up, your customers can login to see real time only location data for the assets they are renting from you. This is a great value addition to your assets.


Creating a Share-to account:

Contact or your ASR. They will need to build the account for you. Provide them with the following information:

  • Your customer's name
  • Email address(s) for users that will need to access the share-to account. If need be, Geoforce can create a singular generic login that you can provide to your customer. Please make sure to request this if you need it.

Once they've created the share-to account, it will show up in two different places for you to share your assets.

The Asset Description Page

  1. Click on the asset name you'd like to share from anywhere in the application.
  2. Click on the "Edit" Tab.
  3. Use the drop down menu underneath "Account Sharing" to select the share-to account you'd like to share this asset to.
  4. On the right hand side, click "Share"
  5. To unshare this asset, simply click "Remove" on the far right side of the page. 

List View

  1. Click the check box next to the asset(s) you would like to share. Then click "Tools".
  2. Click on the icon "Share Assets"
  3. Use the drop down menu to select the share-to account you'd like your assets shared into. Then click "Share selected assets"
  4. To unshare, you select the assets and account they're currently shared into, then select "Unshare Selected Assets"

To view what assets you're currently sharing to your customer, use the "Sharing" drop down menu in the list view. 


Shared Assets:

If you have assets that are being shared into your account, you can identify them two ways:

  1. The name of the customer who is sharing data with you will be in parenthesis and grey next to the asset.
  2. In the Setup tab, click "Shared Assets" to see a list of assets that are currently being shared with you.
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