Geoforce is excited to announce changes in the coming months to our worldVIEW dashboard users. In March 2019, Geoforce acquired Cartasite and in the last year we have been working to integrate existing Cartasite solutions with the Geoforce technology ecosystem.
Starting in early 2021, you’ll be hearing from us about the migration of your assets from the legacy worldVIEW dashboard into the Geoforce Track and Trace platform.

Geoforce is committed to making the transition as smooth and easy as possible for all our customers.  We will be reaching out in the near future with more details about timing for your organization.

Our teams are excited to merge our customer base under one platform and provide our worldVIEW customers an expanded product offering. 

 Frequently asked Questions

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What is my organization getting in this platform change?

Here are some of the new features in the Geoforce Track & Trace platform:

  • Maintenance Schedules (notifications and reports)
  • Tracking of Untracked Assets (for those small pieces of equipment you transport)
  • Asset Flag Status Notifications (for maintenance and other notification status)
  • New Search Features (filtering the map, find nearest, search within a specific area)
  • Interactive Dashboards (clickable data and high level metrics of interest)

You will also have the option to add on other operational features such as Compliance Manager (for equipment that needs compliance) and Rental Manager (for rental companies).

Geoforce is committed to making the transition as smooth and easy as possible for all customers. Please reach out with any questions or concerns to


Here are some items you want to consider in preparation for the migration:

NotificationsMake a record of your current platform notifications and their recipients. These will need to be re-created in the new platform. 

Geofences We will download any current Geofences you have created in worldVIEW, but if there are any you do not wish to migrate, please remove them from your account. 

Groups, Users, Vehicles, Drivers CleanupWe will migrate any active elements you have in your account. Now is the time to clean up groups and mark any vehicle or drivers as “hidden” if you do not want them migrated into the new platform. 

Users We will migrate all active users in your account. If there are any users you do not want in the new platform, mark them as “hidden.”

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