Removing Assets From Group

To remove one or more Assets from an Asset Group follow the steps below.

Navigate to the Assets area:

  • login to Geoforce
  • select the “List” tab

Use the List view “Search and filter” capabilities to locate asset(s) you wish to remove from an Asset Group.

Click the “check box” next to each asset that you wish to remove from an Asset Group:

When you have selected the Assets you wish to remove from the Asset Group, click the “Tools” button just above the Asset list

Select the “Group Assets” icon from the list of Tools:

Using the drop down list, select the Asset Group from which you wish to remove the selected Assets

Click the “UNGROUP selected assets” button or click “Cancel” to leave the Assets unassigned:

Asset Groups can be modified at any point in time, thus, you are free to add and remove Assets from an Asset Group at any time.

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