Troubleshooting an Asset

Troubleshooting GPS Devices

Steps to take if one of many of your GPS tags are not working.

Satellite Tags:

  1. Verify that magnet is removed.
  2. Verify that tag is not physically damaged.
  3. (XS-S1) Verify that either end-cap is showing “On”, or , runtime cable is plugged into tag.
  4. In Geoforce application, verify that the Tag is Activated.
  5. Move the tag to a location where the “Geoforce” sticker has an unubstructed view of the sky.
  6. Wait for 24 hours for a ping.


Cellular Tags:

  1. Visually confirm whether the (green and orange) lights are on. (Does the tag have power?)
  2. Visually inspect antenna. Is it connected to tag? Is wire damaged?
  3. Verify that adhesive part of external antenna can see the sky.
  4. Cycle ignition on the vehicle.
  5. Use the Geoforce SMS service to verify last-report times.
  6. In Geoforce application, verify that the Tag is in an “Active” state.


Contacting Support:

If you need help specifically with tags which are not working, feel free to contact our helpdesk. To best help, we will typically need the following information to better help:

  • ESN of the tag(s) in question.
  • “Blink Pattern” of lights (Cellular devices)
  • Description of where the tag physically resides currently (ie: can the tag see the sky?)
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