User Setup

Compliance Users Overview

Users in the Compliance Administrator role can access the User Setup and Configuration functions by clicking on “Configuration” and then “Users”:

Once on this page, a Compliance Administrator can see:

  1. A list of existing users and their currently assigned role
  2. An “Edit” action for existing users
  3. An “Add new user” button for creating new Compliance users
  4. A list of definitions for the different roles available in the Compliance product

Compliance Users

Compliance Users are simply users of the Geoforce Product Suite that have been granted permission to access the Compliance product.

If a user exists in the Geoforce Product Suite, with, for example, the user name “”, then a Compliance Administrator can grant that user access to the Compliance product by adding a user with the user name “” and assigning that user a Compliance Role.

Add a new Compliance User

As a Compliance Administrator, click the “Add New User” button on the Users page:

Enter the Full Name as the “Display Name” and email address as the “Username” of the new Compliance User and select a Compliance Role (NOTE:  the username must match the email address of an existing Geoforce Product Suite user):

See Roles and Permissions for details on the roles listed above.

View existing Compliance Users

A list of existing Compliance Users for a Compliance Account is displayed on the Configuration / Users page:

On this page you can see each user and their role(s). On the bottom of the Compliance Users page is the breakdown of each Compliance Role and their permission breakdown.

Edit a User and its Roles

To change the display name or roles for a user simply click the “Edit” button on the right hand side of the list:

Note that the “Username” (email address) cannot be edited once a user has been created.

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