Compliance Types

Compliance Types Overview

Compliance types are what compliance rules are applied to in order to make up a Compliance Policy.  Compliance types are typically what types of assets make up your account.

Compliance Types

The Compliance Types screen displays all Compliance types currently active and their description.

In this example, we see that we have two compliance types.  One for a global lift and one for a global sling.

Creating a New Compliance Type

A new Compliance type can easily be created by clicking the “Define New Compliance Type” Button.  A new window will drop down requesting

  • The Display Name is what you will see in the Compliance Policy and when looking at Compliance Status.  We recommend this being a broad category such as CCU, Sling, Tank, etc.
  • Description is used to break down what might be encompassed in the Compliance type.  It is a free text field and there is no restriction on length.

Once you have filled out the “New Compliance Type” window, simply click save.

If you would like to change a Compliance Type, or perhaps the descriptiong, this can be done by selecting “Edit” next to the Compliance Type.  Once a Compliance Type is changed, it will effect all assets in the Compliance profile.

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