Preview and Activate

Previewing the impact of a Compliance Policy change

You may view how the new draft policy will effect your status by clicking the “Compare Assets” button.

In this example we can see that before the Load Test was placed onto those Global Slings, 19 assets were in compliance while only 2 were out.  After the changes go into effect however, 4 more assets become out of compliance, raising the number to 6.

On the bottom portion of the screen, you can filter to see which assets are changing from in to out of compliance if the new draft policy would be put into place.

With this information you can decide if this will be an acceptable change.  Remember, this is still a draft policy so you are free to make all the adjustments you would like, without actually affecting the existing assets.

Activating a Compliance Policy

Once you have decided that the new Draft Policy is correct, click the “Activate” button.

Again, this activation of the Draft Policy could take 5-10 seconds.  In the meantime you will see the “spinner” and a “Refresh” link.  After about 10 seconds, hit the “Refresh” link.

Your new compliance profile has now been activated!

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