Draft Policies & Adding Rules

Adding a new Compliance Rule

As mentioned in Lifecycle of a Compliance Policy, new Compliance Rules can be added to the current Draft Policy.  The Draft Policy is always accessible (to Compliance Administrators) at the top of the Policies history list on the Policies page:

Simply click the “Edit” button for the Draft Policy to begin adding a new Compliance Rule.  On the Policy Edit screen below, the Draft Policy is identical to the current Active Policy, that is, no Rule changes have been made.  This can be seen by looking at the Rule “Change” column on the left side of the table:  every row is marked “NO CHANGE”:

To add a Rule, for example, a 12 month Load Test for Global Slings, take the following steps:

  • Click the “Add Policy Item” button.

  • A “New Certification Requirement ” window will appear. Compliance Type and Certification will have drop downs containing items you have already created.

  • For the example, I will be creating a Global Sling with a 12 month Load Test Compliance Rule.
  • You may also uncheck the “Renewal Period” box if you would like the Compliance Rule to be permanent.

  • Once you have filled out the Rule how you would like, click Save.

  • The new Rule is flagged as “ADDED” in the “Change” column and a “Revert” action has appeared in the “Actions” column.  You can click “Revert” to revert your tentative change back to whatever is in the Active Policy.

  • Notice that the “Apply” button is now dark blue.  This means that you have a  made a change to the Draft Policy but that change has not yet been applied to the Draft Policy.  Click “Apply” to commit your changes to the Draft Policy:

This change to the Draft Policy could take 5-10 seconds.  In the meantime you will see the “spinner” and a “Refresh” link.  After about 10 seconds, hit the “Refresh” link and you will see the current state of your Draft Policy:

Looks pretty much the same as before except the Rule has moved and the “Apply” button is now dimmed and the “Activate” button is a darker blue.

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