What is Compliance Policy?

A Compliance Policy is a collection of rules that define the compliance requirements for your equipment. Asset type by asset type.

For example, you may have a requirement that offshore baskets of any kind require a lift test every two years.

Every Compliance Rule has three parts:

  1. The Asset Type, in this example, an “offshore basket”
  2. The Certification that is required, in this example, a “lift test”
  3. The Validity or Renewal Period, in this example, every two years (validity can be set to “permanent” as well)

Your Compliance Policy is simply all the Compliance Rules you have defined for your equipment at any given time.

Compliance Administrators and only Compliance Administrators are able to define Compliance Rules and add them to a Compliance Policy.

See Managing Compliance Policy for details on creating and managing Compliance Rules and Policies.

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