Scheduling Reports

It is possible for the Geoforce application to automatically send you a report via email on a recurring basis. This allows you to setup the report once, and then simply review reports as they hit your inbox.

Following are steps to setting up a recurring report:

  1. Login to the Application
  2. Click the Reports Icon
  3. In the list of reports shown, find the report you wish to have emailed directly to you and select it.
  4. Run the report with desired settings, clicking "Save this report configuration" and naming report.
  5. Once report has been ran, click back into saved report.
  6. Click the “Schedule Report” button in the lower right hand corner.
  7. In the “Scheduling” form, click the “+ Schedule” icon.
  8. Choose your desired selections.
  9. Click the “Schedule” button in the lower left corner.
  10. Wait for the report to be emailed to the email addresses you specified, at the time you specified.



  • Emails are sent from either “” or “”
  • If an email recipient hits “Reply”, all replies will be sent to
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