On the left hand side you will see the search option.  The Search option allows you to search through assets, addresses, and wells. Once the search results are returned, you can click on any of the search results to pull them up on the map.


The group drop down allows you to select a group of assets that you would like to be displayed on the map.


The Last seen in drop down allows you to select a time frame in which vehicles have last responded in.  For example, if you would like to see all the assets that have reported within the last 24 hours, this drop down will allow you to view that information.

The reset button will clear the map of any information you have currently displayed and zoom back out to the global view.

Selecting the Zoom to Box button will allow you to draw a box on the map.  Once drawn the map will zoom into the box that you have just drawn.  This is a great alternative to zooming in and re-centering the map multiple times.

Clicking the Find Nearest button will allow you to click on the map and the system will search for the closest assets to the selected location.  This can be a great tool when trying to dispatch units to a location.

Clicking the box search button will allow you to draw a box on the map and the system will display all assets that are located within that box.  This is a very useful tool to view all assets that are within close proximity of each other such as a home yard.

Clicking the fullscreen button simply expands the map to a larger view.

Clicking the Layers button will allow you to apply any layers you have available, such as home yards, named locations, US wells and many others.


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