Compliance Roles and Permissions

Overview of Compliance Roles and Permissions

The compliance function within an organization often brings new users to the Geoforce Product Suite.  However, not all of those new users want or need access to the full functionality of Geoforce.  For this reason, roles and permissions within the Geoforce Compliance product are entirely separate from roles and permissions for the rest of the Geoforce Product Suite.

For example, an Admin within the Geoforce Product Suite can have any of the following access levels within the Compliance Product:

  1. no access to Compliance at all,
  2. access as a Compliance Operations user (read-only access) or
  3. full Compliance Administrator access

The reverse is true as well — a Compliance Administrator may be a read-only user within the wider Geoforce Product Suite.

The following Roles and Permissions are available within the Geoforce Compliance Product:

  1. Administrator:  define compliance policies and configure Compliance settings
  2. Manager:  view asset Compliance status and search/filter assets by Compliance Status
  3. Technician:  view asset Compliance status and upload new certificates
  4. Operations:  read-only access to assets, their Compliance status and certification documentation

Before a user can be granted Compliance Roles and Permissions that user must first be granted access to the Compliance Product.  See User Setup and Configuration for more detail.


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