Compliance Certifications Overview

The Compliance Certifications are used in creating rules in your Compliance Policy.  Certifications are paired with Compliance Types in order to create a rule.  This section is just used to create the Certifications names and descriptions.  The time frame for each certificate is paired in the Compliance Policy.


The Certifications screen displays:

  • The Name of the Certification
  • The Short name (abbreviated name for the Certification)
  • The Description of the Certificate
  • and whether the Certificate is “In Use” or “Retired”

Create New Certification

In order to create a new certification for use in a Compliance Rule, simply click the “Define New Certification” Button.  The “New Certification” window will appear and ask for a few fields of information.

  • The “Short name” should be a short abbreviated version of the “Display name”.  Please include no spaces in the “Short name”.
  • The “Display name” is what will be seen when creating the Compliance Rule, or when attaching certificates to the asset.
  • The “Description” field is a large text box that allows the user to further describe the Certification.  There is no text limit in this box and can be left blank if necessary.

Once you have filled out the “New Certificate” window, simply click Save.

Edit and Retire a Certification

If you would like to change a the Display name of a Certificate, or perhaps the description, this can be done by selecting “Edit” under Actions.  Once a Certificate is changed, it will effect all Certificates in the Compliance profile.

If a Certificate is no longer in use, they can be marked “Retired”  This will cause them to no longer appear as an option when working with a Compliance Policy or editing an Assets Compliance Status.  The “Retire” Option can also be found in the Action section.

A “Retired” Certification can also be placed back if required.  Simply select “Unretire” from the Action section, and the Certification will be placed back into the Compliance Policy and Asset Status selections.

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