Active Policy

Viewing the current Active Policy

The currently Active Policy is always available as the second row in the Policies list on the Policies page:

To view the Compliance Rules comprising the current Active Policy, click the “View” button at the right of the Active Policy row:

The View Active Policy page has a sortable / filterable list of Compliance Rules on the left and on the right you can see the results of applying those rules to the current asset inventory.  In this example, 5 assets are in violation of the Compliance Rules displayed, 0 are in “warning”(close to being in violation but not quite), 3 assets are “Black Flagged” (should not be in service at all),  and 16 are fully in compliance.

If you wish to see Rules that apply only to Global Lifts, for example, set the “Compliance Type” filter in the Compliance Type column to “Global Lift”:

In this example we see three Rules that apply to Global Lifts:

  • Visual Inspection every 6 months
  • Non-Destructive Tests every 12 months
  • Load Tests every 24 months

You can also see your Visual Inspection requirements across Compliance Types by clearing the Compliance Type filter and setting the Certification filter to “Visual Inspection”:

Here we see that Global Lifts and Global Slings have a varying Visual Inspection requirement — 6 months for the Global Lift, and 12 months for the Global Sling.

As noted in the overview, once a Policy becomes the Active Policy it cannot be edited.  Instead additional Rule changes must be made to the Draft Policy.  This is described in the next section.

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