Asset Setup


An asset is any piece of equipment that a company would like to track. An asset can be anything from non-powered equipment, powered equipment and even vehicles. The asset tab under setup will show a list of all of the assets in an account, what account they reside in, asset name, asset ID, asset type, and if there is a device attached, the ESN.



Creating New Asset

When acquiring new equipment, we recommend creating a new asset to prevent confusion with historical data. To create a new asset, click the "new asset" link on the right hand side of the list. 


The only required fields for new assets are Asset Name and Asset ID. Each asset is required to have a unique asset ID due to reports that use only the asset ID to label each asset. If you know which GPS device is installed on the asset, you can select the ESN (Electronic Serial Number) GPS Tag drop down. Only devices that are active and unassigned will be listed in this drop down. For further classification, select one of the more specific asset types. Select "save" to save changes and create new asset.


Notes Regarding Assets

  • We do not recommend deleting assets because historical data will be lost. 
  • When transferring devices from asset to asset, please create an asset for each piece of equipment to prevent data confusion.
  • Only devices that are active and unassigned will appear in GPS Tag drop down.
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