Named Locations

Named Locations

(Also known as Geofences)


A named location (or Geofence) is a virtual area on a map that designates that space as a particular location that may not be obvious by the physical address. This can be helpful to track when your assets enter or exit the home yard, a customer yard or an off-limits zone. 


Named Locations Types


By default, the only named location type is "Home Yard". You can create new location types to further classify these locations. 



To create a new named location type click the button on the right hand side above the list. After naming the new location type, choosing a classification of the location and designating a color for this type of named location, save changes. 


Creating Named Locations


After creating the type of named location (if necessary), you may now create the named location by changing back into the Named Locations tab. This will show you a list of existing (if any) named locations and the type of location that it is. 



To create a new named location, click the button on the right hand side above the list called "New Named Location". 

The map will default to the standard map view (as zoomed in as possible while showing all of the accounts assets). Zoom into desired location by using either the search bar, manually zooming in using plus button on right hand side of map, double clicking desired location until you have reach appropriate zoom level or using the zoom box. 


Create Polygon Shaped Location

Once you have zoomed into desired location, click "Polygon" button to draw a specific shape around your location. Right click mouse for each drop point and double-click to complete the shape. Be sure to not overlap the edges as that will cause the shape to be invalid. 


Create Point Location

To have a specific point as the named location, click the "Point" button. This point will have a small buffer zone, but we do recommend setting at least a 500 ft buffer zone to allow for GPS drift.



Create Circle Location

To create a larger circular named location, click the "Circle" button. Click the center of the area and drag the mouse to desired size. 


Removing Named Location

If there was a mistake with the placement of any of the previous named location types, you can remove them by clicking the "Remove" button. Once you have selected that, click into the shape and it will be removed from the screen, allowing you to redraw the location.

To delete a named location completely, click the delete icon on the right hand side of the list view. 

Named Location Tips

There can only be one shape per named location that cannot overlap. A buffer zone is recommended to allow for GPS drift and to prevent false enter/exit events. 

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